B A N D  H I S T O R Y 

2009 THE ALLIEZ  Norbert Fritzsch (Drums, Vocals), Brad Irvin (Vocals, Bass), Karsten Wolff (Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar) 

RB Jeep
"THE ALLIEZ" at Alter Güterbahnhof (Münster) were joined by Hansi Meier 2009. 
Photo: Rosinenbomber Publishing 

2010 THE ROSINENBOMBER  with  Martin Gorenz (Lead-Guitar), Hansi Meier (Vocals),  Martin Hähn (Bass)

RB Bosporus
The Rosinenbomber at "Bosporus" (ehem. Wienerwald /"Rex" Kino), Münster 2011
Photo: Andi Bayer 

2012 Friedrich Brocke (Drums), Brad Irvin (Vocals, Bass) / Maxi-CD "WE CAN FLY" feat. Martin Gorenz 

RB 2012
The Rosinenbomber with Brad Irvin (Vocals, Bass), summer 2012 

2013 Roman Holy (Lead-Guitar) / Maxi-CD "THE SKY IS NO LIMIT" 

2014 Gregor Lutz (Drums) / "Magic Banquet" Alter Kurpark 

CD Cover 2013
THE SKY IS NO LIMIT  feat. Hansi Meier (Maxi CD 2013)

2016 Maxi-CD "MAD WORLD" feat. Siggi Mertens (Lead-Guitar), LeA Berger (Bass), Inez Sannan & Katja Zeyer (Backing Vocals) and the first photo from Anna Ajtner showing her daughter Sandra wearing  those Halcyon (TM) googles. 

CD Mad World
CD cover  2016 featuring Sandra & goggles
Original photo: Anna Ajtner. Layout: Katja Zeyer. All rights reserved! 

2017 April: At Can-Studio (Rock'n Popmuseum, Gronau, Germany) 

Can Studio
The Rosinenbomber at Can-Studio (Gronau, Germany) 2017

 October: Maxi-CD "MAD WORLD MOVIES" feat. Sandra Ajtner / "Plug out" Alter Kurpark Wolbeck (Münster) 

MWM Cover
CD Cover with the photo "Bird" by Anna Ajtner 2016. 
Layout: Rosinenbomber Publishing. 
Sandra Leiter
Final day of the production "Mad World Movie" at Fox Music Studios (summer 2017)
Photos (2): Anna Ajtner / Rosinenbomber Publishing / All rights reserved!​


January:  MAD WORLD MOVIE (DVD)THE PICTURE BOOK  (Anna Ajtner/Karsten Wolff) / MAD WORLD AMSTERDAM (unplugged)  

February: ROSINENBOMBER introduced as a new international brand for CASUAL  CLOTHING 

make up
Getting ready for the photo shooting. 
Photo: Anna Ajtner 2018 / All rights reserved! 

March: First video takes  at ANNA AJTNER PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP  in Nijmegen (Holland) 

April/May: EARLY BIRD Pre-Production with Frank Brambach (Drums) & guests  in Münster (Germany) 


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Sandra Ajtner

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