BERLIN AIRLIFT  1948 - 1949 


During the "Cold War" and the division of Germany, West-Berlin was cut off from the Western Sectors and supplied by air for a whole year. Children on hills of rumble were waving to the planes flying into the former capital, and soon the pilots started throwing down little parachutes with sweets for them. Thus the name "Rosinenbomber" (English: Candy/Jelly Bomber, literally "Raisin Bomber"). 

We are often being asked about our name Rosinenbomber and why we chose it. We liked the idea of using former war planes for a humanitarian cause. It reminded us of the Beatles' Yellow Submarine as well. Coming from a post-war background it seemed very natural   to work for a peaceful world and with creative means. Imagine how much could be achieved if we stopped using technology to destroy life on Earth but supported it instead. 


Unload Plane

Planes being unloaded at Tempelhof Airport (Berlin)   

DC3 Boys

"If your dreams don't scare you they are not big enough": Boys checking a DC 3 plane


Cigarette break: Wonder what else was in those Care-packets?                                                                    

 Pictures (3): Alliiertenmuseum Berlin