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MAD WORLD MOVIE - The Picture Book 

Anna Ajtner (Photography)  and Karsten Wolff (Editor) 

MAD WORLD MOVIE  started with just one photograph. In summer 2016 we had recorded the song „Mad World“ with The Rosinenbomber. Looking for a cover photo for the CD, I came across that  black & white photograph from Anna Ajtner showing her daughter Sandra wearing those old fashioned Halcyon (TM) goggles. It fit very well to  the retro sound of the band and that particular song. So I asked Anna for permission to use the photo for the cover, and when the CD was published, mother and daughter liked it, and so did our fans ..  (From the introduction to the book. Original in English, Polish, German and Dutch).

Mad World Movie - The Picture Book  features Anna Ajtner's unique photography in 20 stunning b&w pictures showing the production from the inside. The book has 32 pages,  28 x 28 cm in an exclusive box with the original CD and DVD, and is available as a strictly limited signed edition. Collector's item only 499,00 €  

Mad World Movie Picture Book  2018 
Photo: Rosinenbomber Publishing 
Airplane 5
Sandra with Goggles and toy plane. 
Goggles and toy planes became key elements in the movie.​​​​
Sandra K Gronau
At Can-Studio (Germany)
Photos (3): Anna Ajtner 2017 / All rights reserved!