June: Celebrating five years of productions with Sandra Ajtner, we did a remake of "Mad World" with Sandra (vocals) and Karsten (grand piano) at Yakub Records (Bydgoszcz, Poland) with sound engineer Jakub Pacanowski. Click on the photo to listen to the song on Youtube! 

K i S
2017 - 2022: Celebrating five years of co-creation in music with Sandra Ajtner.
Photo: Anna Ajtner / Rosinenbomber Publishing 2022 
Recording at Yakob Records (Bydgoszcz, Poland)
Photo: Karsten Wolff / Rosinenbomber Publishing 2022 

August: "Help" is the follow-up production with Mennana Ennaoui (vocals) with  last year's "Imagine" as the b-side. All instruments have been recorded live at Fox Music (Telgte, Germany) in February 2022 with Karsten Wolff (keyboards) and Wolfgang Brammertz (guitars, bass, drum samples).  

Mennana Ennaoui (vocals) 
Photo: private 


December:  "Deutscher Rock und Pop Preis 2021" for Sandra Ajtner (Best Pop Singer) and The Rosinenbomber (Best Cover & Revival Band)!! The photo was taken on New Year's Eve by Anna Ajtner at Atelier Gdanska 27 in Bydgoszcz (Poland). Click on the picture for an interview with Sandra about the prize, singing, horses and photography! 

Deutscher Rock und Pop Preis 2021 for Sandra Ajtner  & Karsten Wolff 
 Photo: Anna Ajtner / Rosinenbomber Publishing 2022 

October: Release of the EP Sandra Ajtner: "My Future" at Rockwerk Records (Lüneburg, Germany) and Rosinenbomber Publishing featuring four songs originally from Billie Eilish. Photos & booklet by Anna Ajtner. There is a limited, signed edition of the CD AVAILABLE for only 10 € (free of shipping!). Easy payment via Paypal link: PayPal.Me/KWolff617 or using this IBAN: DE60 1505 0500 1102 8466 07 (Karsten Wolff). Please write your address with the payment and allow 10 days for delivery. Thank you very much for supporting our work! 

Sandra Ajtner - "My future" EP cover
Anna Ajtner / Rosinenbomber Publishing 2021 ​   

August: Video-Production of  "Party Favor" in cooperation with  Piotr Leszczynski from Red Sun Recording Studio (Bydgoszcz, Poland) and Anna Ajtner Photography. Click on the Photo for the Youtube-Link to the "Movie".

Making of the video "Party Favor" summer 2021 in Poland. 
Photo: Anna Ajtner / Rosinenbomber Publishing

 July: Vocal recordings, mix and mastering of "My future" with Jakub Lech Pacanowskie at Yacob Records in Bydgoszcz (Poland). Click on the photos to listen to the songs on Youtube! 

At Yacob Records (Bydgoszcz, Poland) with sound engineer Jakub Lech Pacanowscie
Photo: Anna Ajtner / Rosinenbomber Publishing 2021 

Mai - July: Production of the instrumental tracks for "My future" at Fox Music Studios (Telgte, Germany). All   the instruments were played by Wolfgang Brammertz (ukulele, guitars, bass, drums programming) and Karsten Wolff (Wurlitzer e-piano, Hammond organ, various keyboard sounds). To listen to the playbacks of the songs, click on the photo below! 

Wolfgang Brammertz (sound engineer and instrumentalist) - our most important man in the production! 
Photo: Fox Music 2021 

April: We had the great honor and pleasure to continue our #ImaginePeace project with Mennana Ennaoui (vocals). Recorded at Fox Music Studios (Telgte, Germany) with Backi Backhausen (drums), Karsten Wolff (keyboards) and Wolfgang Brammertz (bass, sound engineer). Click on the picture for the Youtube-link! 

Mennana Ennaoui 
Photo: private 

2020 #ImaginePeace 

"Imagine"  honoring the 80th birthday of the late John Lennon 2020.  Once again a German-Polish co-production with Sandra Ajtner (vocals) and Karsten Wolff (grand piano). We support the #ImaginePeace project of  Yoko Lennon-Ono. Recordings were made at A/V studios (Bydgoszcz, Poland) and Fox Music Studios (Telgte, Germany). Click on the photo for the Youtube link! 

Sandra Paris
Sandra in Paris 
Photo: Anna Ajtner Photography 2019 


Big Old Fat Airliner 

Our live show with top hits from the 60s and 70s including songs from Chuck Berry, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Grateful Dead, CCR,  Steve Miller, Tom Petty, Bryan Adams, Udo Lindenberg and many more. With Peter "Backi" Backhausen (drums, vocals), Cookie Mußmann (vocals, bass), Otto Rasche (lead-guitar), Georg Bicher (rhythmn-guitar) and Karsten Wolff (vocals, keyboards). Unfortunately the Big Old Fat Airliner didn't take off due to lock-down in 2020 but went to the museum. Come 2021 it would even be illegal to meet for rehearsal the way we used to. So the Rosinenbomber took off for new shores to the Baltic fisher town of Barth (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern). 

Back to long hair during the lockdown-winter 2020/21 
Photo: Rosinenbomber Publishing 2021 


The Rosinenbomber Jubilee 2009 -2019

2019 was a double jubilee for us ..   

70 years of the historical Berlin Airlift 1948-49 where the word Rosinenbomber was initially coined. There were 40+ vintage Rosinenbomber planes visiting Germany. Also we celebrated ten years of   The Rosinenbomber  with  Peter Backhausen (Drums, Vocals)  and our  founding members Karsten Wolff (vocals, keyboards) and  Brad Irvin (vocals, bass guitar) from California and Oregon/USA, who flew into Germany for our Jubilee on D-day!  


RB Rosengarten
"On our way back home" with Karsten Wolff, Backi Backhausen and Brad Irvin in June. 
Photo: Rosinenbomber Publishing 2019 


June:   After two years The Rosinenbomber are back as a live band! The set-up as a trio is very much like the initial band from 2009 with founding members Brad and Karsten joined by Backi Backhausen  on drums. The  new program is called On our Way back Home and leads back to Retro & Flower Power with an emphasis on The Beatles and The Grateful Dead.  

Brad playing the famous Tuesday Blues Session again at "Der bunte Vogel" (Münster) in June. 
Photo: Karsten Wolff / RB Publishing 2019 

March:  Peter "Backi" Backhausen (drums, vocals) and Georg Bicher (rhythm guitar, vocals) join The Rosinenbomber! 

Peter Backhausen (Drums, Vocals) 
Photo: Karsten Wolff / RB Publishing 2019 

January:  The Rosinenbomber  WebShop goes online! Here you can order our CD's, there are a wonderful collection of   Casual Clothing,  a Souvenir Shop  and a  Gallery featuring the wonderful ph0t0graphy of Anna Ajtner. 


In March our founding member Hansi Meier passed on at the age of 69. "We gotta get out of this place" was one of the many titles we liked to play together. You can find this and more recordings on our CD "The sky is no limit" (2013) which is still available at our WebShop (click on the link!). Hansi could righteously claim to be the first progressive DJ in his hometown Münster. He began at the Marquee and from 1969 continued at the discotheque Lila Eule

Hansi Meier
Hansi Meier at "Lila Eule", 1969
Photo: The Rosinenbomber Archive 

October - December: We moved out of Altes Kurhaus in  Münster-Wolbeck for good, the place where the band had been since its beginning in 2009. Thank you for the great times we had there together. Thank you also to the magical park! The old building (opened 1893) was completely demolished in summer 2019 and will be replaced by something new. The Old Kurpark survives! 

Alter Kur
Alter Kurpark Wolbeck in winter 
Photo: Rosinenbomber Publishing 2018


Peter Sauer about The Rosinenbomber  2010 - 2018 


B A C K   C A T A L O G U E  2 0 1 7 / 1 8 


MAD WORLD MOVIES feat. Sandra Ajtner (Maxi-CD 2017)

Cover 2017
Mad World Movies CD Cover  2017 
Photo:"Bird" from Anna Ajtner  2016 / Layout: Karsten Wolff

1. First we take Manhattan  2.Mad World  3. Sad Song 

4 pages paper sleeve. Photos: Anna Ajtner  Layout: Karsten Wolff.

Rosinenbomber Musikverlag (RMV 17-1)  4,99 €  

EAN 40207964680088











DVD title
 DVD 2018 
Original photo: "At half" by  Anna Ajtner 2017 / Layout: Karsten Wolff 









Original Short Film (5:48 min),  Polish-German co-production made in Holland! (DVD only 4,99 €)

Directed by Anna Ajtner, Producer: Karsten Wolff, Post-Production: Robert Biermann (BWM) / Rosinenbomber Publishing 18-11 / All rights reserved! 

Exclusive signed reproductions of the original photo "At half"  on offer from Anna Ajtner Photography (300 €/500 €)







Picture Book
Mad World Movie: The Picture Book 499 €
Anna Ajtner (Photos) Karsten Wolff (Editor) / Rosinenbomber Publishing 2018 / All rights reserved! 






P I C T U R E  

B O O K 

20 stunning b&w photos by Anna Ajtner, introduction in four languages by Karsten Wolff. There is a signed fine art edition   available in an exclusive box with CD & DVD, strictly limited number (1/10) for only 499 €. Printed in Polska. 










Sandra Ajtner

appears with exclusive permission from Anna Ajtner & Anna Ajtner Photography. At any time of the production Sandra  has been and is accompanied and cared about by her mother.  All rights reserved! Please note that any download and reproduction of Anna Ajtner's photos for private or public use and/or sale is an international copyright infringement and will be treated as such in the Netherlands. 


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